Referrals and Insurance Coverage

To make a referral to Lahey Health at Home, please call our referral center at 978.921.2615, or fax the referral to our intake office (978.922.4176).

Lahey Health at Home services are covered by most major insurance plans, including:

Lahey Health at Home has once again been named among OCS’s HomeCare Elite 2015. HomeCare Elite designation means that Lahey Health at Home scores in the top 25 percent of homecare agencies across the country in performance measures such as quality of care, quality improvement and financial performance.

How often home health patients had to be admitted to the hospital
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Some home health patients may need to be admitted to the hospital, even if they are getting good care. For example, some chronic medical conditions can’t be cured and, over time, may make a patient’s health worse. Sometimes, a readmission to the hospital may be a planned part of continuing treatment for their medical conditions. However, some inpatient hospital care may be avoided if the home health team is doing a good job checking the patient at each visit to find problems early, and communi­cat­ing regularly with the doctor and other members of the team about the patient’s condition. The home health team should check how the patient is eating, drinking, how well they are taking their prescription and other drugs, and how safe the home environ­ment is. If the patient shows signs of getting worse, the home health team should notify the doctor as soon as possible. In some cases, the doctor will want to see the patient or have the patient go to an urgent care facility or a hospital. Lower numbers are better for this measure, because the home health team, in many instances, can prevent the need for hospital care. At the same time, the home health team should ensure that patients who need hospital care are hospitalized as soon as possible. Lower numbers are better for this measure. (